Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sexy Vanilla Cologne Vanillaville

Sexy vanilla. Spritz it on and soon the scent of leather, tobacco, and vanilla assails.

Fragrance Profile
Name: Vanillaville
Aromas: Chewing Tobacco, Vanilla, Leather
Perfume Line: Soivohle
Creator: Liz Zorn

On a flight to Los Angeles, I bring this little bottle of Vanillaville along. I travel light & the 11ml size spray bottle is just the right size to toss into a carry-on. I suppose it's worth mentioning that I wouldn't wear a cologne on a plane. It's too hard for other people to move away if they find a scent to be annoying. So once the plane lands, I fish out the bottle and squirt some of the Vanilla goodness onto my arm.

It's as I walk along the streets of Hollywood that I enjoy the wafts of vanilla. A man in line behind me keeps leaning in so close that it feels rather awkward until he says he wants to know what the good scent is?

I am obviously a fan of Liz's scent works! This Vanillaville is the latest one of her's that I find myself enjoying. Liz's site describes it as Vanilla for grown ups. If you are looking for a demure lady-like vanilla this ain't it! This vanilla is all about the attitude. Notes include Rustic Leather, Pipe Tobacco... Birch Tar, Sandalwood, Toasted Almonds, Vanilla Absolute, Vanilla Tincture. 

When I break it down, I'd say I get 40% Vanilla, 40% Chewing Tobacco, & 20% Leather.

If you like the scent vanilla and/or leather, try these...
  • Pour Un Homme De Caron by perfume house Caron. It's a Vanilla/Lavender scent. The bottle is about $30 and is huge.
  • Lonestar Memories by Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer. It smells of Leather/Tobacco/Musk

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