Thursday, December 26, 2013

5 Smoke Inspired Colognes for Men

smoke cologne
While I like smelling a camp fire of burning logs while I am out camping and hiking, I don't usually want to smell this way during the daytime hours. But evening and night is a different thing altogether. (Que the sound of a wolf howling at the moon!)

Here are five smokey scents that I've sampled. The first two are very similar, with the latter Timbuktu leaning towards a bit more of smoldering incense than Terre De Hermes which is straight up camp-fire smoke. 

smoke cologne
Terre De Hermes, Hermes
Starts out bitter citrus and veers into straight up campfire. You know what your clothes smell like the day after you've sat near a campfire? It's a very interesting scent, well done.

smokey cologne
Timbuktu, L'Artisan
Very similar to Terre De Hermes dry down, but where the wearer of Terre De Hermes smells like he was just sitting at a campfire for the past seven hours, the Timbuktu wearer smells like he's been burning incense during that time.

smoke cologne for men
Fireside Intense, Sonoma Scent Studio
I really appreciate this one. It doesn't smell 100% like smoke. Rather it's conceptual. It captures the flavor of sitting around a campfire, some baked beans in a pot, good stories & laughter.

firewood smoke scented cologne
Burning Barbershop, D S & Durga
A fire broke out in the Curling Bros. barbershop in Westlake, N.Y. in 1891. All the shaving tonics and elixirs- with their spearmint, lime, vanilla & lavender burned. A charred bottle was found half-full. It smelled like this.

smoke cologne for women and men
Lonestar Memories, Tauer Perfumes
It's rich smoke & leather with a hint of sage and sandalwood. Just brilliant in it's aroma. Conjuring cowboys, leather, camp fires, and all the goodness of the wild west. Very good for weekend night time use I think.

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  1. Thank you. Its difficult to find any campfire colognes. I have no experience and google is no help.