Thursday, February 23, 2012

Swiss Perfumer Andy Tauer's Work

andy tauer samples
Am rather taken with the works by Swiss perfumer from reading his blog, scent descriptions, and reading up on his history. He holds a degree in chemistry, and melds that so well with a vivid artistic vision displayed in the pieces of scent art he creates. Love this quote from a Question and Answer style interview posted on "Passion for Perfume" on The Scented Salamander (Read full post)  

"For me... a perfume must do two things: it must first wake the wearer, in the sense that it should be something new, a little disturbance from what he/she is used to. Secondly, it should make its wearer beautiful. It should melt with the skin and let it glitter; it must lift the wearer and render her/him a feeling of beauty, attractiveness and importance." -Andy Tauer 

Thus far I've smelled nearly all of Andy's offerings in sample vial sizes. I appreciate his very exacting Swiss style of containers and packaging. The vials fitting perfectly into the tin holder bearing his name. The scents themselves are fantastic. I am leaning towards a bottle of Lonestar Memories. It helps too that the bottle comes in cobalt blue. Another thing I like.

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