Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cologne Layering Adventure

While layering together more than one cologne can have disastrous effects. Like causing a mass stampede towards the building's exit doors by people trying to escape the fumes emanating from your skin; leaving behind only those with gas masks or anosmia. I'll admit that there are a handful of scents I like to layer together.

On a cologne message board I asked what other's have mixed together and was surprised how vehemently some men are about not mixing colognes. Saying things like, "...You know those labels on toilet cleaners where you are told not to mix with other products...?"

Which causes my childish contrary nature to wanna to run along the perfume counter of a local department store, spraying shoppers with a plethora of different scents. But I never do. Instead while I am standing buck naked in front of my mirror after a shower, I live on the edge by spraying two colognes on my skin at once.

I was pleased to find out while reading "The Perfect Scent" that the actor Sarah Jessica Parker (famed Sex and the City star) actually wears three perfumes together on herself at a time. I limit it to two. My fave's being Rivertown Road Pour Homme with Green Oakmoss. Both from the Soivoihle line of scents by Ohio based perfumer Liz Zorn. Why do I mix them? I am not 100% certain as both smell amazing on their own, but when together they sort of dance.

A few mixes that do sound interesting to me from that message board are:

Kouros and Habit Rouge
Opium PH and Body Fantasy Vanilla Fantasy
Happy (Clinique) and Tobacco Vanille (Tom Ford)

In the meantime, have you layered? With what scents?

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  1. Spice Bomb by victor and rold with Dzongcha and Al Oud by le artisan perfume. Love them all alone, but spice bomb can be a little heavy w/o much base, combined it deepens the spice notes of the other two.