Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mens Lavender & Vanilla Cologne Pour Un Homme De Caron

mens cologne

The cool aroma of lavender transitions into a warm vanilla dry down. It takes about a half hour on me to change into the latter scent. I find it clever on the part of the perfumer, to go from what I deem a cold aroma into a warm one. A scent journey of sorts- diving into a frozen lake followed by lounging in a sauna to dry off.

Pour Un Homme De Caron cologne has been around since 1934; but it isn't only reserved for the classy white haired men of a geriatric nursing home.
It's a rendition of vanilla much like a black tuxedo. Ageless.
Tip for young men: If you're looking for a compliment from your date, ditch the Axe body sprays and spritz this on when you hop out of the shower. (Especially if you like Axe Kilo, which has an undertone of vanilla.) This smells better.

Fragrance Profile
Name: Pour Un Homme De Caron
Aromas: Lavender, Vanilla

Perfume Line: Caron, of Paris
Creator: Ernest Daltroff

I came across this scent because scent aficionado's Eyeliner on a Cat & Fragrant Moments both had good things to say about it. I bought a bottle before ever even smelling it, as I know both of them have great taste. I was surprised when the 125ml bottle (4.2 fl oz) arrived, as it only cost around $30. It's huge for that price point! 

If you like the scent of lavender or vanilla try these:
  • Vanillaville by Liz Zorn. It's more rustic, with notes of Leather & Chewing Tobacco.
  • Caldey Island Lavender. Clean, simple lavender made by hand by the monks of Caldey Island. Like holding a sprig of the flower to your nose. 
I am also looking for more good Vanilla scented colognes. Drop a comment if you have tried one and love it.

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  1. my all time favorite. Perfect. About 1 hour into the dry down when the vanilla and lavender mix it is just beautiful.